Tulumba is another extruded driven project. Extrusion has proven to be our favourite technique to work with and also the one that represents us the best and let us create and design following our tastes and ambitions. After a bunch of different experiments, we decided to focus on that sweet churros shape. Not for any reasons at first, other that it made us laugh!

The technique giving us the capacity to produce churros by the kilometer at our own workshop, it was a matter of time before we experiment and vary their size and scale.
Let’s make bigger churros , let’s make Tulumba (that stocky, chunky, Turkish churros)

 While we were making them we were not seeing those shapes as churros anymore. It was getting clear that they were clay gears! And who says gears, says belt! That’s why we started thinking about a way to gather those notched pipes together as if they were an old rusted machine.

Realising that the standard belt was not perfectly fitting… we decided to mold our own. The fact that we could control the diameter, the thickness and the size of the teeth gave us much more liberty in the compositions.

 It became obvious that we had to turn those compositions into vases as we realised they were a bouquet of their own: random but identical shapes bound together with the only aim to look good and balanced.

“With Tulumba, Studio Biskt adapts atypically this everyday object that is the vase. Terracotta soliflores enclosed in an elastic ribbon, the multiple combinations give the object a sculptural and unprecedented silhouette. The tapered lines that can freely interlock with each other to compose a set of infinite variable, that creates, with a touch of humor, the charm of this vase.”
© Gwenaëlle de Spa