Biskt is a ceramic design & research studio founded by an industrial designer and a Ceramist. In 2015, Charlotte Gigan graduated from LaCambre in the ceramic section. Martin obtained the same master’s degree in the industrial Design section in 2013. Martin and Charlotte met in 2011, they rapidly began to think about various project they could make together but they waited few years before launching their own studio in 2016, initially named « Biscuit-the new crafts » and freshly rebranded « Biskt ».

Studio Biskt tries to explore and pushes the limits of the material.By integrating the new technologies in the creative process, Biskt wants to trigger new ways of shaping and thinking.


We particularly appreciate the extrusion process as a starting point for our different experiments. Thanks to this technique we can think about various applications for the clay such as tile, furniture or sclupture.


Biskt tries to stay up to date concerning the new way of shaping clay! In collaboration with Mekanika, we developped our own Ceramic 3D printer.


As a never-ending research subject, glazing is maybe the most difficult but also the most enjoyable part. Studio Biskt begun to create his own glaze library to propose unique tints and surfaces.


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